Accelerated Piano Lab

Just Imagine…

  • Seeing your child run to the piano to play songs at your family gatherings
  • Learning their week’s assignments at their piano lesson with the teacher’s supervision
  • Practice at home is easier and without fuss
  • Cheering for your child as they play at the school’s Talent Show
  • Seeing your child playing in groups with other musicians, making beautiful music
  • Watching the residents at the local Assisted Living Centers smile as your pianist performs for them and is the highlight of their day

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I have been taking lessons from Mrs.Jones for 3 years. She always makes the lessons fun, and if I'm having trouble with something, she helps me with it. Each week I feel like I'm advancing. I love how she lets me have a choice in the music I play. I'm so glad I'm getting to learn from Mrs. Jones.
--Katie, Piano Student