About the Studio

-Mrs. Jones’ Piano Studio is located in Triangle, VA. The studio is also just minutes from Quantico Marine Corps Base.
-Currently, more than 95 students are learning to play piano each week. Mrs. Jones teaches students starting at the age of 5-18, beginners through advanced levels, where we help students move through their books and music at a faster than normal pace.
-The studio includes a grand piano and a piano lab of 9 digital pianos, each with 88 keys and weighted hammer action. Each piano is equipped with an iPad loaded with music apps that we use for note name review, rhythm activities, and developing sight-reading skills.

-The schedule is designed so that students have the option of lessons in the mornings before the school day begins (starting at 7:30 a.m.) or after school, Monday through Friday.

*If you’ve had piano lessons before, it probably wasn’t this much fun!